Monday, November 26, 2007



Uh Oh, it's that time of the year! That time of the season when SHE gets all crazed! Please please let her not find those stupid "deer antlers" we buried in the backyard. Because, otherwise, we'll soon look as dopey and ridiculous as we did last year, like this:


descartespascal said...

I see two dogs guarding a "door".

Dogs with red..., "somethings" on their "heads".

Sorry. I'd fain continue, howsoever that may be, I have just about "run out of of of of of of of

descartespascal said...

Another comment? Is this a loop or what? I see Gabrielle and Achilles by a portal. They (of course) are immortal. I'm not. Thus, my existential crisis. To die or not to die? That is a stupid question. Therefore, I (the questioner) am stupid. QED

descartespascal said...

This is the last comment. How much can a commenter comment about?

OK. Two Dogs. Red Objects. Door Frame. Wood. SOooo California...,

That's not linoleum (sic) the two canines are four-footedly sitting on.

The dogs are gazing. I am gazing at the dogs. That's my third and - for the nonce - final comment (finally [jesus ].

EILEEN said...

Oh Le "descartespascal" Clerc--

You gonna let a bad metaphor lead you into an existential crisis?

Woof woof!

No, that ain't linoleum. As you jest sent Moi a Roman poem, you'll appreciate that floor from Pompeii days.